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8 Free NFT Tools To Help You Find Your Next Big Project To Invest In Or Flip!

The NFT market continues to grow, which also ensures that more and more new projects are added. How do you know in which project, new or existing, you should invest? We have listed 8 handy NFT tools for you, which are also completely free.

1. Rarity Sniffer: find your next NFT

Through the free NFT tool from Rarity Sniffer (we didn’t come up with this name either) you find out the rarity of an NFT. It constantly happens that people underestimate the price for their NFT within a certain collection because they are not aware of the rarity.

This free tool can even help you before an NFT Project is revealed, which is increasingly common (that you mint an NFT where you then have to wait an x ​​number of days before you can see it – that’s called the reveal). You can then see the NFT on Opensea, without the properties. E.g. via the aforementioned tool, you have the opportunity to find NFTs that are offered cheaply, while in reality, they should be more expensive because of the (high) rarity.

2. ICY.tools: see what is happening in the wallet of other investors

You buy an NFT via a virtual wallet, such as MetaMask. Where you have a virtual wallet, every NFT investor has one. There is a free NFT tool that can give you insight into the activity of other virtual wallets. Via ICY.tools you have the option to gain insight into the behavior of (for example) long-term online gamers, something that can give you a lot of tips and info.

3. Sunspot: Notification as soon as NFT is offered for sale too cheap

Via the brilliant free tool Sunspot you can set a price for a certain NFT collection, where you will receive an alert as soon as an NFT is offered for sale for an amount that is below that price. You can therefore use the fact that people sometimes want to get rid of an NFT (quickly) or do not know what a good price is to ask for their NFT.

Sunspot, therefore, helps you to see these ‘opportunities’, something that you could make good use of. It even goes so far that you can also select on certain properties, so that, for example, you only ensure that you see all NFTs with properties XYZ (which can be rare) under price X. Handy right?

4. Flips.Finance: Keep an eye on the Floor Price

The free NFT tool Flips.Finance gives you insight into the top collections, as well as the history of floor prices. You can then draw valuable conclusions from this. You also gain insight into the number of NFTs that are offered for sale, as well as the number of holders.

5. NFT Scoring: check upcoming drops

Are you curious about which projects will be released in the short term and would you like to know more about them? NFT Scoring is a free NFT tool that gives you insight into the Social Media Metrics, which means data about the number of followers on social media, as well as the interaction. Here it is good to realize that it is of course possible that followers have been bought.

The NFT tool NFT Scoring also lets you track so-called Whales. Whales are individuals or groups that (automatically) buy up large numbers of NFTs so that they have a lot of power within a certain collection.

6. Dune Analytics: insight into NFTs on the Ethereum network

Dune Analytics is also a free NFT tool and it gives you insight into the market data. It is good to realize that Dune only focuses on the Ethereum network. Here you can, for example, see how a certain NFT behaves over a longer period (looking back) in terms of price and popularity.

7. Cryptoslam: insight into multiple networks

In the free NFT tool Cryptoslam you can gain insight into multiple NFT Collections as it researches different networks. So you will see which projects or collections are popular. You can use this tool to spot trends and you can also discover (or network) projects that you may have never heard of. However, it is true that Cryptoslam does not have all networks (yet).

8. Whatsminting: What mints are coming up?

As the name suggests, this free NFT tool is built to let you find out which NFT projects will come out and where you can possibly mint. Whatsminting.live provides you with insights into upcoming mints, gas fees, and mint prices.

What makes this tool special is that they are usually very up-to-date. That way you can even see that a certain mint is busy, which you can possibly take action on. Of course, it is very important that you do not blindly enter a particular project, but always do your own research (DYOR).


Use these tools in your daily arsenal and stay ahead of the competition. If a project is talked about on Twitter and/or by influencers then you are already too late to invest and make big profits. You need to get into projects before the crowd does, THAT’S where the big profits are made in NFT investing and especially NFT flipping.

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