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International logistics service on blockchain

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According to US-based research, the overall losses from economic crime in the transport & logistic sector varies from 8 to 30 billions of USD. IMMLA provides convenient instrument to manage and delivery cargo using different transports from ferry to cars.


Old Fashioned Way

In the old days (and often today), businesses used a tangled web of actions to transport a cargo from point A to point B. A cargo owner would assign the task to a manager, who had to pick up a phone and send out documents. A lot of specialists were involved and so on. As a result, it took a lot of time and money and was unsafe.

IMMLA Solution

IMMLA offers a decentralized service that uses smart contracts based on blockchain technologies and solves the problems of international logistics in a much more scaled way. Using a convenient interface, a cargo owner can find the best solution from the thousands of options for multimodal transportation, and for the best price, time, and quality. The blockchain technology allows them to make guaranteed payments for a contract.

How IMMLA Works?

We use cutting edge technology at every stage

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