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How To Flip NFTs For Profit

For most people, trading and flipping items for profit is something they have done since they were kids.

In the past, the items flipped for profit were stickers, comic books, trading cards, toys, or anything from which profit could be made.

Even as adults, most people are always looking for something they could flip for profit. It could be a house, a restored car, or anything else.

As NFTs have grown in popularity, most people have naturally been attracted to them with the hope of making a profit.

One of the best ways to make a profit from an NFT is to get in early.

If you are looking to make some profits from NFTs, here is how you can begin finding projects that let you make some profit.

How To Spot Nft Projects

When flipping anything for profits, the most important aspect is to analyze the markets to ensure you make the best decision. In general, people opt to pick undervalued assets whose value is likely to rise with time.

With NFTs, the principle is the same. Research is crucial to ensure that you identify a niche.

It could be animal-themed, collectibles, abstract art, domain names, or virtual real estate

The main aspects to look out for are:

Floor Price

The floor price is the least price for which the item can be bought.

It is important to look for items that have the lowest floor price and limited supply.

Number of NFTs

Scarcity is a major driver of value in the NFT space. Those with a limited supply of items are most likely to be profitable.


Liquidity is a key driver for profitability in any market. It is important to try your luck on platforms with high volumes.

Chances are that you will quickly find collectors willing to buy your items at the set price.

Where Do You Find Nft Projects?

NFT Platforms

NFT platforms feature a special section where users can view the hottest assets. They will have a section for exclusive NFT drops where you can look for what you wish to buy.

For instance on OpenSea, there are the Rankings and Activity pages that offer insight into potentially profitable projects.

There are other popular crypto trading platforms that provide similar services. So far, the most common one, Coinbase doesn’t have an option to buy NFTs yet.

Social Media

One of the top social media platforms to find new NFT projects is Twitter. Another is Reddit, if you follow the right accounts and join the right discussions, you could potentially come across a major project while it is still in its infancy.

Other great platforms are Discord, Telegram, and Instagram.

One place to start is to follow the social media accounts of NFT platforms. These platforms often promote upcoming projects by their users.

How to Flip NFTs

The flipping process is quite simple. First, you need a software wallet such as Trust or MetaMask.

Once you have funds in your account, you can visit an NFT marketplace and create an account.

Then, you can purchase NFTs for low prices and make a fortune from them thanks to the growing popularity of NFTs.

The decision to sell is entirely up to you. It is important to carefully analyze the market to ensure you sell right at the peak to maximize profits.


While flipping NFTs can be profitable, keep in mind that trading volumes are not as high as those of fungible tokens like BTC.

Consequently, while you can make a profit, it might take a bit longer than when trading crypto coins.

As with any new investment, only invest what you can afford to lose.

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