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Making Money With EvoVerses

EvoVerses, not to be confused with Evoverse, is a new Pokémon-like play-to-earn game. The game revolves around mysterious and fabulous creatures called Evos. Players can use Evos to buy, sell, rent, or rent and battle and breed with it.

EvoVerses strives for a perfect combination of DeFi and GameFi and will, therefore, in addition to realistic graphics and a unique storyline, also have a DEX and liquidity pools. EvoVerses will also be a cross-chain game and will therefore be released on multiple blockchains, which makes this a very promising game.

The game is currently (March 2022) still under development. It may therefore be a good time to step in. However, it is always wise to do good research before investing in anything. In this article, we explain everything about EvoVerses. So read on quickly if this blockchain game seems interesting to you!

What is EvoVerses?

As mentioned, EvoVerses is a new play-to-earn game in the style of Pokémon. Here you can explore the world of EvoVerses, you can catch creatures called Evos, breed with them and do battles, buy land and houses, etc.

The game is developed using the popular game engine: Unreal Engine 5. The latest technology can be used to get the best graphics and performance even on old computers and smartphones. EvoVerses will be playable on the desktop as well as – in a limited form – on your mobile.

Different game modes

EvoVerses will have three different game modes: PvP mode, story mode, and social mode. 

PvP mode

In the player versus player mode, players can battle each other with their Evos. Winners can win tokens and other in-game items as a reward. A ranking will also be maintained and there will be monthly PvP seasons in which special prizes can be won. Also, Special tournaments will be held.

At the end of the last season of the year, a world championship is organized, where you can compete to become the best Evo trainer in the world and where you can also win great prizes. For this world championship, EvoVerses will partner with various esports organizations, YouTubers, and streamers to make it a major international event.

Story mode

The story mode is what sets this game apart from other blockchain games. This mode offers the possibility to discover the world of EvoVerses through stories and details about the locations, the characters, and Evo’s. This way you can go on different missions and earn rewards.

Also in this mode, there will be several seasons from six to nine months, each with new stories, missions, characters, and Evos.

Social mode

In social mode, the city hub allows you to see and interact with other players worldwide, making the game lively. This allows you to talk, trade, and engage in various activities with other players. You can also buy a house and invite players here too, for example, do friendly battles with your Evos.

The video below gives a walk-through of the game. 


DeFi and GameFi

The nice thing about EvoVerses is that it tries to reach a lot of people and make the game as accessible as possible for everyone, also for non-crypto gamers, in order to introduce them in an easy way to the concept of play-to Earn Blockchain Games. At the same time, the game should also be rewarding and generate income for the players. EvoVerses strives for a perfect combination of GameFi and DeFi. To achieve this, the EvoVerses team is working on a game with realistic graphics and a unique storyline as well as DeFi tools, such as a DEX and liquidity pools. Together this will lead to a revolution in the GameFi world!

Furthermore, EvoVerses is a cross-chain game, and will therefore be released on multiple blockchains. The game will first launch on the Harmony (ONE) blockchain. The plan is to launch Polygon (MATIC) and then Cronos (CRO) about three to four months later. 


Evos are creatures with special powers that live in the EvoVerses world. Their origin and story are somewhat complicated, but interested players can explore this through the game’s story mode. Here’s a little preview of the prologue:

“The world doesn’t know how or why, but ever since the Evos came to our planet, they’ve changed everything. Their origin is unknown, at least to most of us. These strange and wonderful creatures come not from just one place They are space travelers They move through passageways and portals created by themselves that have allowed them to travel to different worlds since the beginning of time The nature of Evos is wild and volatile, but not hostile. Most of them live peacefully next to us.”

A total of 120-160 Evos were introduced consisting of twelve different types:

Plant Water Fire Air
Earthly Mineral Ether Bug
Monster Corrupt Light Dark

Players can buy, sell, rent and breed Evos and battle against other Evos in PvP mode.  You can also put your Evos to work by giving them a job or sending them on a quest.


The play-to-earn concept of EvoVerses consists of several elements.

  • Selling and Renting Evos:

As explained above, your Evos allow you to breed and earn tokens by selling or renting your Evos to other players.

  • Battles, Tournaments, and Work:

You can also earn rewards by battling other Evos with your Evos or participating in tournaments. Another way to get rewards is by letting you do Evo’s quests.

  • Land:

In addition, players can purchase land. The EvoVerses world is divided into smaller regions of pieces of land that can be purchased. Players who own land will be reimbursed for all purchases made by other players in that region. Other benefits of owning land are reduced fees within the region for the player himself.

  • Shops:

In order to travel and battle throughout the EvoVerses world, players need certain items, such as potions. These can be bought in the shops or other companies, and are managed by NPCs (Non-player Characters). Players can buy and sell these shops and companies. As an owner, you receive compensation for purchases made by other players. This provides an interesting passive source of income.

  • DEX:

You can easily convert the earned rewards via the DEX in-game to a cryptocurrency of your choice and then exchange it for euros or dollars if you wish. However, you can also choose to use your tokens in-game to increase your rewards. This can be done at the bank and farm.

  • Bank & farm:

You can deposit tokens at the bank and then receive shares in the form of xEVO tokens, which you can use to make a profit. Another way to earn extra tokens is by depositing LP tokens into a liquidity pool; part of this will be locked for twelve months.

The rewards can be increased or unlocked earlier by putting your Evos to work for them.

What Is Play To Earn


The EvoVerses ecosystem, like other popular play-to-earn games, will run on two tokens: EVO, the governance token, and LNX, the in-game token. EvoVerses has put a lot of thought into balancing these two tokens, adding value to both. They therefore both have multiple uses in the game.

EVO Token

The EVO Token can be used in-game in several ways:

  • To buy
  • breed Evos (also LNX required)
  • Earn during the monthly PvP seasons and tournaments
  • Earn by receiving fees
  • To land, to buy houses and shops (also LNX required)
  • To be earned as a reward in liquidity pools

LNX Token

The LNX Token can be used in the game in several ways:

  • To breed Evos (also EVO required)
  • To level and evolve Evos
  • Earn during PvP battles
  • Earn during missions
  • To buy land, houses, and shops (also EVO required)
  • To buy in-game items such as potions, decorations, and outfits
  • To earn as rewards in liquidity pools


EvoVerses is a fairly recent project, which was announced in early 2022. The first version of the white paper was released on March 6.

Further planning in Q1-Q2 2022 is as follows:

  • Launch EVO token
  • Launch DEX
  • Liquidity staking
  • Gen0 Evo’s mint
  • Lending platform
  • Evo’s work
  • EvoVerses stories
  • EvoPedia
  • Marketing & Growth

The beta for the PvP mode will be released in late May/early June, both for desktop as mobile. Then, in mid-June/early July, the first PvP season will launch.

Furthermore, we can in Q2-Q4 2022 and beyond expect the following updates

  • NFT Avatars
  • Webtoon
  • Lands & shops
  • Multichain launch
  • Story mode
  • Marketing and growth: partners
  • Decentralized Governance

There are also plans to release more games based on EvoVerses, such as a ‘Pokemon GO game’.

Team EvoVerses

The team of EvoVerses currently consists of a fairly young international group of people from the USA, Canada, Germany, and Spain, of all levels: from recent graduates to more than seven years of work experience. Some of the team have been good friends since they were in school and have always kept in touch, and finally decided to start this project. The rest of the team are people they met later in their career and/or who fit well within this project. The EvoVerses team can actually be described as a large team of friends!

Some of these have worked on successful game projects before. The team consists of the following people and positions:

  • three coders
  • 1 marketer
  • three 2D artists
  • four 3D artists
  • 1 musician
  • 1 lore writer
  • 1 economy & game balancer

As the project will grow, new positions will be put out and new people will be added to the team added.

The team has not revealed itself at this time, but there are plans to do so in the near future, as EvoVerses wants to be as transparent as possible to its users.

EvoVerses on social media

EvoVerses is active on various social media channels. As can also be seen from the number of followers, EvoVerses is a fairly recent project that has a lot of potentials to grow as we progress in the roadmap.

Discord 2358 members
Twitter 5306 followers
Telegram 821 subscribers

* Numbers at time of writing.


In this article, we’ve explained everything we know so far about EvoVerses, a new Pokémon-style play-to-earn game. The project looks promising: realistic graphics, a unique storyline, battles, seasons and tournaments, DeFi application such as a DEX and liquidity pools, a multichain launch, and above all the aim to make the game accessible to a large audience and to try to reach non-crypto gamers. The game is currently in the early stages of development. We are therefore very curious to see what the team of this project will achieve!

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