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MetaHero Brings The Offline World To The MetaVerse

The online and offline worlds are increasingly merging into one. With the rise of the metaverse, these plans continue to evolve. Where we first saw developments around our money, purchasing behavior, and socializing, the metaverse ensures that you can actually live in the online world.

Metahero is a metaverse project that aims to take the merging of the online and offline world one step further. The project of the Polish Robert Gryn has a meta scanner, which brings the real world to the virtual variant. Transforms physical objects into NFT.

There are also developments regarding the physical making of digital NFTs. There are projects that convert Non-Fungible Tokens from, for example, jewelry to actual jewelry that you can wear every day. Metahero goes the other way, helping objects from the offline world into the virtual world of the metaverse.

What is Metahero?

The company Metahero makes it possible to transfer yourself or other objects from the real world to the metaverse with an ultra-HD scan. The project believes in the future of the metaverse and has big plans to merge both worlds. 

Metahero brings 3D scanning and associated technology to the market, where the created virtual items can be used in games, VR, social media, and even online fashion. Metahero’s technology can therefore be very important for companies from different industries.

In addition to developing this technology, Metahero also focuses on trading the items in question. That is why Everdome was founded, the marketplace of Metahero. Everdome is aimed at users, gamers, entrepreneurs, and artists who want to use the virtual possibilities of today and the future.

The Metahero team aims to use this technology to become one of the most high-profile projects in 2022 and beyond. Thanks to the technique of Metahero, opportunities arise in different areas:

Gaming: In your favorite game, it becomes possible to become the hero yourself. By scanning yourself, you move lifelike in the online gaming world.

Virtual Reality: With online socializing or business communication you can be yourself completely. This also makes online meetings a lot more personal, which can give confidence to both parties.

Augmented Reality: Doubts about getting a tattoo? Or would you like to see how a different haircut looks on you? With Metahero it all becomes possible!

Fashion: In addition to physical features, you can also ”fit” clothes with this technology. In fact, you can even see which size you need and order directly.

Social media: You can convert unique moments from the online and offline world into holograms, so you can collect these moments in a hologram album.

Medicine: This technology makes diagnosing a lot easier. In the future, a specialist can make an appropriate diagnosis from a distance. This can also be a solution in the case of highly contagious diseases, for example.

Metahero’s vision

Metahero sees its plans and technological development as a big step to take crypto adoption to the next level. The team has faith in blockchain technology and calls it the most important invention of our time, possibly along with the internet. Both technologies offer opportunities to make the world a better place.

Accelerating adoption is Metahero’s mission. In recent years, the adoption of people, companies, and institutions has been increasing. However, this is mainly in the field of investing and smart contracts, but the crypto world is a lot bigger and more applicable. Metahero, therefore, continues to look for interesting ways to contribute to this adoption.

Perhaps the most important part of this is meta scanning. In collaboration with various partners, Metahero has developed a Metascanner. In the future, meta scanning will be the most natural thing, building a bridge between the online and virtual world. Gamers, artists, entrepreneurs, and other users will be able to communicate in a way that has never been seen before.

Plans to improve crypto adoption have also been laid down by Metahero. The company wants to bring at least 10 million users to crypto, who see the added value of the project and want to apply meta scanning. This will also be beneficial for Metahero’s token as it is important for the platform.

In the long term, Metahero aims to become the largest database of 3D scanned objects and people, originating from the physical world. Scanning art, for example, is seen as revolutionary, because it allows museums, artists, and collectors to generate additional income.

The token of Metahero: HERO

Metahero has its own token with HERO, which is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The team did this because of its scalability and the ability to allow any investor, large or small, to participate. For this reason, HERO sales have been launched on PancakeSwap.

HERO is the exclusive token that can be used within the Metahero ecosystem. For example, you can think of paying the transaction costs, but HERO is also a means of payment for purchases on the 3D NFT marketplace and for scans.

Where can you buy HERO?

At the moment it is possible to buy HERO from several exchanges, about 10 in total. This may change in the future, but you can check that yourself by looking up HERO on, for example, CoinMarketCap. In the Market/Market section you can find out which exchanges and trading pairs are available. The most reliable and well-known trading platforms that currently have HERO in their range are Kucoin, PancakeSwap, and Gate.io. 

What is a suitable wallet for HERO?

In addition to storing HERO on an exchange, there are also various wallets that you can use. We definitely recommend this. HERO can save you in the Binance Chain wallet, but also in the MetaMask wallet. In addition to these software wallets, there is another option to store your coins in a safe way.

HERO can also be stored on a hardware wallet in addition to the software wallets. This is recommended in most cases since you have the private key in your hands and therefore actually own the coins. The best-known hardware wallet at the moment is the Ledger Nano S. 

The Metahero team

Before we go through the team in detail, I would like to first take you to the start of the project and the team. Metahero’s CEO, Robert Gryn, started the project without investors. Gryn apparently still had some in the account and financed $10,000,000 himself. This made it possible to develop the meta scanners.

Among other things, Robert Gryn built Codewise, a startup that was ranked second in the Financial Times 1000 for the fastest growing company in Europe. With Everdome and Metahero, Gryn focuses on crypto, but these were not the first projects where he came into contact with crypto. For example, Gryn is an ambassador at Celsius Network (CEL).

In addition to the CEO, there are more team members within the Metahero team. The website shows 19, but LinkedIn lists 27. This may be because, for example, Tenset and Wolf Digital World work closely with Metahero.

Robert Gryn’s team is a well-known name for him. Alex Gryn also works at Metahero. This entrepreneur started in marketing and slowly rolled into the world of innovation. As with Robert, you can see Alex’s work experience in the table further down. Both men have impressive resumes, so only the most recent work is shown.

Metahero’s CMO is Aleksos Radic. In most cases, CMO stands for Chief Marketing Officer, but at Metahero it means Chief Metaverse Officer. Although his last name does not reveal this, Aleksos Radic is also related to Alex Gryn. This man is otherwise a mystery, as he does not have LinkedIn and cannot be found on the internet.

Of course, Methero also has an actual CMO, who is in charge of marketing. With his 25 years of managerial experience, Bally Singh is a skilled team member, who is an added value to this experienced team. Singh has also founded two companies himself, namely Hoko Agency and Rich List Group.

Name Position Experience
Robert Gryn CEO Celsius NetworkUnit VenturesMagnetiqaAtarraya Inc.codewise 
Alex Gryn Head of Business Development FluuidMindFuture WorldAMC TradeCodewiseNetguru
Aleksos Radic CMO – Metaverse  
Bally Singh CMO – Marketing Rich List GroupHoko AgencyDPM Event ManagementZero MobileTiger Telematics

Metahero roadmap – What are the future plans?

As you have been able to discover several times in this article, Metahero has big plans for the future. But what exactly are these plans? Fortunately, Metahero makes roadmaps to communicate their plans for the future. A roadmap will also be released for 2022!

So for now, not all plans are clear. It is certain that Metahero wants to install three meta scanners in Dubai. Per scanner, it will be possible to scan 100,000 people per year. In addition to the scanner technology, Metahero has also found partners who will pay for these developments.

Because the meta plans are very suitable for artists, for example, Metahero focuses on people who have influence and use this influence to promote the meta scanner and the project itself. In other words, Metahero has partnerships with several celebrities, who are going to use and promote Metahero’s technology in different ways.

In addition to celebrities, there is also a focus on the possibilities of art. Various galleries, artists, and museums will use the technology, which will digitize countless art objects. As a result, art remains visible forever and the owners receive additional income through sales and royalties.

The plans regarding fashion, gaming, and medicine are intended for the longer term. These industries will also make Metahero money, while the company is now paying people to be scanned. In the image below you can find the plans for the first quarter of 2022, where I personally look forward to their plan for 100 million users in 10 years.


MetaHero Review

Metahero on social media

You can find Metahero not only in the metaverse but also on social media! Twitter is often the most popular channel for crypto projects and it is no different for Metahero. More than 200,000 followers stay informed of all updates and news every day.

In addition, the project also uses Telegram, where more than 30,000 people follow the developments surrounding the project. Facebook is also used, but this is where the fewest followers are reached. More than 7,000 people follow the project on Facebook.

It is striking that Metahero itself does not use Medium to share blog articles about its project. They are, however, active on Instagram and Reddit, where countless thousands of followers stay informed of the news about Metahero. Interestingly enough, Youtube is the most followed platform, after Twitter. The project has more than 180,000 subscribers on Youtube.

Popularity Metahero (December 2021)

Twitter 227,800 followers
Telegram 30,800 followers
Instagram 17,600 followers
Reddit 10,400 followers
Facebook 7,600 followers
Youtube 180,000 followers


With the rise of the metaverse, parties are needed that help the virtual world further. Metahero is one of the projects with big plans in this area. Thanks to their meta scanners, in the future you can play as a character in a game and try on clothes or hairstyles without actually having them. 

These developments can be very useful to people and companies, but developing them also costs a lot of time and money. Companies such as Metahero therefore also carry a certain amount of risk, but if the project is a success and actually has 100 million users in 10 years, Metahero’s token HERO could be a good investment for the long term.


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