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Use Same Metamask Wallet On Multiple Devices

Are you looking how to use the same Metamask wallet on multiple devices?

In this article we will discuss if it is possible to do so, how to do it and the possibility of loosing assets.

So worry not and continue reading.

Can I Use Same Metamask Wallet On Multiple Devices?

Yes, it’s possible to use the same wallet with multiple devices, browsers and machines.

However, you can’t log in twice at once because of a security feature called “origin”.

Your wallet will be tied to a single device, which means you’ll need a unique password for each machine and must add any RPC networks or tokens that you’ve set up in each device.

If your wallet does not appear after importing it to a new device, click the circle icon in the upper right corner of your wallet and choose “Create account”.

Your existing addresses/accounts linked to your MetaMask wallet should show up.

How Do I Link My Wallet To Multiple Devices?

If you want to sync your wallet between multiple devices, such as a wallet on your phone and wallet on your desktop, we recommend using the Sync with Mobile tool.

To use this tool, go to the wallet on your mobile device and click the circle icon in the upper right corner of wallet.

From here, choose “Create account” and give it a name via Metamask settings.

Then, enter that wallet address into the wallet on desktop and add any networks or tokens you want on either side.

Next, go to wallet.metamask.io and click Sync with Mobile on the wallet you just created.

Finally, enter your wallet password and click “Start”.

After that all of your wallet information will be synced between devices!

Still Having Problems With Your RPC Networks?

Some users have reported that some of their RPC networks do not appear after trying the solution above.

It is possible you will see the “The account you’re trying to add is a duplicate” message.

If this happens to you we recommend to contact Metamask support if after clicking on “Create account” you are still missing any RPC.

Be Careful With Any Changes

Using numerous devices puts you at risk for nonces and account activity that isn’t synchronized between them.

If you want to sync your Extension with the Mobile App, which should prevent this problem from happening, you may utilize the Sync with Mobile tool.


MetaMask lets you access your Ethereum addresses and tokens on different computers using the same 12-word Secret Recovery Phrase.

While your Secret Recovery Phrase will allow you access from any computer, you’ll need to reconfigure everything on that local machine (password, add custom tokens, etc).

Your account(s) will always be accessible, so there’s no need to stress.

Simply make sure you’ve backed up your information (that you have your Secret Recovery Phrase in a secure location), and you’ll be able to access it from anywhere.

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