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You can make 10,000 NFTs with 4 layers.

This is great! With the current combination of 4 layers with its traits you can create 10,000 unique NFTs.

If you were to sell them at 2 ETH each, you could make 20,000 ETH selling whe whole NFT Collection.

How Many Layers And Traits Do I Need To Make 10,000 NFTs?

The easiest combination to get 10,000 NFTs is to have 4 layers with 10 traits each. If coming up with 10 traits for each layer is too difficult then you can try different combinations.

For example, you can have 20 types of backgrounds and 20 types of headwear (glasses, hats, beards, etc) which are easier to come up with. Then, you only need 5 mouth and 5 face types. This combination will also allow you to have 10,000 NFTs.

How To Calculate How Many Layers I Need For An NFT Collection

Coming up with the amount of layers and traits is kinda easy, you just have to multiply all traits and the final number will be the total NFTs you will get for your collection.

For example, if you have 2 layers with 5 traits each then you do, 5 x 5 = 25. Your NFT collection will have 25 unique NFTs.

If you want a bigger collection then you need to add more layers of traits. With the previous example, if you add another layer with 3 traits you will get 75 NFTs. 5 x 5 x 3 = 75 NFTs.

The math is easy and you can focus on having more traits for “easy” layers, like a background layer is easier to come up with than an eye layer.

Another good way to add layers is with clothes or headwear, they can come in multiple colors and shapes.

So, adding 10 types of clothes, with 10 colors, with 10 types glasses, added to the example before will bring. 5 x 5 x 3 x 10 x 10 x 10 = 75,000 NFTs

As you see, the more layers you add with more traits for each one, the more NFTs combinations you will get.

What Is The Best Layers And Traits Combination?

To have the best layers and traits combination you need to think about how many NFTs you want for your collection and how easy it is to create new traits for each layer.

Some layers are more difficult to have different traits. If you are creating a Panda NFT Collection, you can’t really make their fur in multiple colors. But, in a Puppy NFT Collection this won’t be a problem, because puppies can have multiple variations in their fur.

So focusing on creating layers is good, but you should think more on how many traits you can create for each layer.

How Many Layers And Traits Do I Need To Make 1,000 NFTs?

The quickest way to make 1,000 NFTs is to have 3 layers with 10 traits each.

You can play with our calculator above to come up with more combinations of layers and traits.