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The 5 Best NFT Wallets

If you want to invest or trade in non-fungible tokens (NFTs), a good NFT wallet is indispensable. So many people, so many wishes, so there is a wide range on … Read more

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Trading Crypto VS Trading NFTs

We all want to make money, preferably a little more than a few bucks, otherwise, you probably wouldn’t have ended up on NFThotShot. Nowadays you can make money in countless … Read more

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Making Money With EvoVerses

EvoVerses, not to be confused with Evoverse, is a new Pokémon-like play-to-earn game. The game revolves around mysterious and fabulous creatures called Evos. Players can use Evos to buy, sell, … Read more

How To Make NFT Art

How do you make NFT art? If you’ve followed the hype around NFT a bit, you will have noticed that NFT art is a booming business. In March 2021, the … Read more

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