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The BlokTopia MetaVerse – A Complete Guide

The metaverse is the trend of the moment. Ever since Facebook announced that it will focus on the metaverse, the popularity of metaverse projects in the crypto market has soared. In addition to the enormous price increases in, for example, Decentraland (MANA) and The Sandbox (SAND), smaller projects such as Bloktopia (BLOK) also rose.

Bloktopia is a crypto project that has its own metaverse. The project started in 2021, with the slogan ‘the home of crypto’. This reflects the ambitions of the team well because they want to make an impact with the metaverse with Bloktopia.

You can see Bloktopia as a play-to-earn metaverse, because you have the opportunity to earn BLOK, the coin of Bloktopia, for free every day via BlokParty. This is also possible by playing games. In addition, it is also possible to win a brand new Lamborghini!

In this article, we literally take you into the metaverse of Bloktopia. Besides going through the whole project, in the videos, you can literally see what it’s like in the metaverse of Bloktopia! A spoiler in advance, it looks very cool and futuristic!

What is Bloktopia?

Bloktopia is a metaverse project, which consists of a skyscraper with 21 different levels. The number 21 was chosen to honor the maximum amount of Bitcoin as there can be up to 21 million Bitcoin. Of course, it is a bit too much to create 21 million different levels, so the number 21 was chosen.

This decentralized metaverse is built on Polygon (MATIC) and is also financially supported by Polygon. Polygon is today the most widely used layer 2 solutions, which Bloktopia has chosen for its EVM compatibility. This allows for low transaction costs and a high transaction speed, while the user experience is of high quality.

The Bloktopia metaverse is a bridge between the physical and virtual world, where there is room for digital art, real estate, and also advertisements. Because Bloktopia uses Polygon, trading NFTs is also a lot more attractive because of the low transaction costs.

Bloktopia REBLOK

The purchase of real estate is known within Bloktopia as REBLOK. The users of Bloktopia, also known as Bloktopians, will have the opportunity to trade in real estate. In addition, it is possible to rent out real estate or earn a passive income with it. For example, you can earn an income by attracting advertisers who, for example, use a billboard on your property.

You can arrange your real estate on Bloktopia as you wish. For example, it is possible for companies to turn it into an online store, where you can also find the latest news about the company in question. You can see the first floors as a kind of virtual shopping center.

Real estate can be traded on the Bloktopia marketplace. This is also the place where you can rent out your real estate to others. When you own real estate in Bloktopia, you can also vote on various topics. Bloktopia is decentralized, which means that the owner of the relevant real estate NFT can exercise his voting rights.

Bloktopia ADBLOK

Advertising is perhaps the most important revenue model for real estate investors. Bloktopia works with big brands, that want to advertise in the metaverse of 21 levels. Part of this advertising revenue goes to the NFT holders of the real estate, where the billboard is located. 

The price an advertiser pays for its ads depends on its location. For example, billboards on level 1 will be the most profitable for the property owner, because every visitor enters the skyscraper through this level. As a result, the visitor numbers on this floor are higher, which means that the price will also be higher.

You can check out the official Bloktopia trailer below:


The 21 floors of Bloktopia

The skyscraper of Bloktopia, where the English name skyscraper sounds much hipper and futuristic, consists of 21 different levels. Each user of this metaverse enters the building via level 1. Advertisers often have to pay more than 1 million BLOK for advertisements on this floor.

The ad that is pontifically in the middle even costs 3 million BLOK. Today (January 3, 2022) this is more than €141,000 worth of BLOK. Large parties are located on this floor. In total there are 21 large totem columns and 84 small totems, limiting the space to advertise. Some examples of parties located on level 1 can be found below:

  • Elrond (EGLD)
  • Jake Paul
  • BitBoy Crypto
  • DuckDAO
  • Polygon
  • Kucoin
  • Binance
  • Animoca Brands
  • Avalanche (AVAX)
  • Collateral
  • Travala.com
  • DEX Tools
  • Polkastarter (POLS)

Broadly see all floors look the same. The first floor has a different entrance but is otherwise identical to floors 2 to 5. Floors 6 to 20 are almost equal to each other. Here are the play areas and the auditorium. However, the top floor, the penthouse on floor 21, is completely different in terms of layout and a lot smaller.

In the image below you can see the layout of floor 1, where the other floors are very similar.



The Bloktopia coin: BLOK

The Bloktopia token is called BLOK and can be traded on both decentralized and centralized trading platforms. Later in this article, you can find out where the token can be bought and how you can do it easily. Besides trading BLOK, you can also choose to discontinue BLOK or use BLOK in Bloktopia.

Thus, the token will be needed to buy real estate or other items in the marketplace. This makes the token necessary within the ecosystem. In addition to buying real estate, it also becomes possible to use BLOK for real estate leasing.

In addition to the above usage options, with BLOK you can also gain access to exclusive events and participate in interesting pre-sales. This will be done via the Bloktopia Investment Tank, or BLOK-BIT. 

Bloktopia Strike

Strike keeps the Bloktopia network safe and user-friendly. By staking your BLOCK, you will receive additional BLOCK tokens. Bloktopia has several pools where you can stake BLOK. These pools are often temporary, as several pools have already been closed. The good news is that new pools are also being added!

At the moment (January 2022) there are three pools available, in which you can lock your BLOK tokens. Your tokens will remain in the pool for a certain amount of days, with different percentages as a reward. Below you will find the three current pools of Bloktopia:

  • You can lock your BLOK for 360 days, at a return of 60%
  • You can lock your BLOK for 180 days, at a return of 40%
  • You can lock your BLOK for 90 days, a return of 20%


In total there are 200,000,000,000 BLOK tokens. Of this enormous amount, 55% is owned by Bloktopia’s project, team, and consultants. In addition, 25% is reserved for discontinuing BLOK. The remaining 20% ​​has been released in various ways and is intended for trading the token.

TOKENOMICS bloktopia

TOKENOMICS Bloktopia | credit

Where can you buy BLOK?

The Bloktopia coin is currently included in the assortment on about 10 different exchanges. Among these various options are some reliable platforms that are quite well known among investors. You can buy BLOCK from Kucoin, OKEx, and Gate.io.,Via the step-by-step plan below you will discover how you can easily buy BLOK via Gate.io!

The team behind Bloktopia

Bloktopia is a company that consists of a small team. However, the team is expanding. For example, additional team members were added to the team in the autumn of 2021. Despite this, the team remains quite small, but this can be positive for communication and collaboration. To get a picture of the team, we go through the team members who have an important role.

The CEO and co-founder of Bloktopia is Ross Tavakoli. He has been active in the crypto world since 2015. His goal is to make Bloktopia the ‘home of crypto’. The project originated from his vision and thanks to him the current team was put together. In addition to Tavakoli, there is another co-founder named Paddy Carroll. Carroll is a highly experienced marketer, having worked for companies such as Sky and BT Group. So it’s no surprise that Carroll is responsible for marketing.

The Tech Leader is Simon Benson. For more than 25 years, Benson has been actively involved in commercial and technological development at several major companies. Benson has worked for Sony, among others, and is one of the pioneers in the field of 3D console gaming. The Chief Information Officer (CIO) is Libby Rothwell. This lady has over 15 years of experience in commercial partnerships and the film industry. She has worked on major film events such as the American Film Market (AFM) and Cannes.

Bloktopia on social media

When you look at the number of followers of Bloktopia, you can quickly discover what the trend is in crypto land! Bloktopia has hundreds of thousands of followers on various social media channels, who like to stay informed about the very latest news about the metaverse project.

Most Bloktopians can be found on Twitter. Here the team shares updates and interesting retweets, which obviously a lot of people would like to know more about. More than 300,000 people follow Bloktopia, an unprecedented number for a project that is currently not yet in the top 200 in terms of market cap.

A lot of followers are also reached via Telegram. After Twitter, this is the most used channel by followers. More than a ton of followers are reached here. In addition, you can also follow the latest news about the project via Instagram, Medium, and Reddit, where more than 20,000 people receive the latest news about Bloktopia.

Popularity Bloktopia (January 2022)

Twitter 360,000 followers
Telegram 124,100 followers
Instagram 5,500 followers
Medium 11,200 followers
Reddit 3,600 followers

Critical note

Every crypto project has its advantages and disadvantages. Bloktopia is no exception to this. For example, Bloktopia has to deal with fierce competition. Due to the unprecedented popularity of the metaverse, many developers are developing metaverse-related projects. For example, I previously wrote about MetaVPad and Metahero

Of course, the metaverse projects have different features and benefits, but there are platforms that are very similar to Bloktopia. For example, Metamall is a direct competitor. Despite the differences, most metaverse projects remain in competition with each other. Just as the NFTs in the metaverse are scarce, so are the available assets and the users active in the metaverse.

Another risk is the age of the project itself. Bloktopia was started in 2021 and consisted of a small team, which consists of a mix of experienced and less experience in the metaverse/blockchain area. The experience and size of the team can be a threat to Bloktopia. For example, it can happen that staffing problems arise when the platform grows too fast? These issues can have negative effects on usability, pushing users to look at a virtual door further.


The developments surrounding the metaverse are still at a very early stage. In particular, virtual reality metaverse projects, such as Bloktopia, are very new. This gives both hope and uncertainty for the future. When you decide to invest in Bloktopia, the returns can be very high, but so is the risk! Therefore, do good research before investing in a crypto project.

Besides the brilliant metaverse, Bloktopia has more to offer investors and users of the platform. For example, there are several possibilities to earn a passive income in Bloktopia. You can stake BLOK, but also make money by having ads on your property. In addition, with BlokParty there is a daily opportunity to earn BLOK for free. These options can move investors to Bloktopia, allowing the adoption of the project to take shape.

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