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Top 10 NFT Websites For Beginners!

Developments around NFTs have been in full swing since 2021. The unique tokens have been around for some time, but the adoption seems to be really getting underway. NFTs are increasingly in the news and more and more celebrities are buying NFTs, which means that their large following also comes into contact with these non-fungible tokens. Discovering that a digital image of a monkey can be worth thousands of dollars is one thing, but how do you stay on top of all the developments?

There are dozens of marketplaces, hundreds of blockchain games, and thousands of collections. If you want to become active with the use of NFTs or want to stay informed about developments, it is difficult to find good information. That is why we have put together a top 10 websites for you, where you can discover very useful information!

The top 10 are ranked in no particular order. This is because the websites focus on different parts of the NFT world, making it an apples to oranges comparison. In this article, we will briefly go through all the sites with you, where you can check the site yourself by clicking on the website name, which is displayed in blue.

1. NFTCalendar

Via the website NFTCalendar, you can stay fully informed about all NFT collections released on that day, as well as future NFT collections. Here you have the option to filter which blockchain. For example, you can easily find all Solana NFT collections by clicking on Solana in the filter. In addition, you can also view the upcoming collections per NFT marketplace. Ideal if you are only interested in listings on OpenSea.

In addition to information about new NFT collections, you can also find more backgrounds from creators on the website. Like the collections, the creators are listed. By clicking on the name in the list, you can find more information about the respective creator. Some creators even have a timeline of their creations!


2. Rarity.tools

Rarity.tools is a website where you can check the rarity of an NFT. On the website, you can view all existing collections and see which characteristics they have per NFT. You can see the rarity score for each characteristic, but the site also gives a total score of the rarity for all characteristics together. This score also allows you to see which are the rarest specimens within an NFT collection. 

In addition to the details of unique specimens, you can also find general details of the largest collections on the website. For example, per collection, you can see how many people own an NFT of the collection, how many NFTs there are in total, and what the average price of an NFT is. In addition, it is also possible to discover upcoming projects via Rarity.tools.


3. RaritySniffer

The RaritySniffer website, like Rarity.tools, is useful when you want to discover the rarity of certain NFTs. The website contains a large number of collections. You can not only view the rarity of an NFT or within the entire collection per collection, but you can also filter NFTs based on price or rarity. In addition, with the click of a button, you will be taken directly to the OpenSea website so that you can easily buy an NFT.

Personally, I find RaritySniffer a bit more organized than Rarity.tools, which can be useful in the maze of NFT collections. Like many other websites, through RaritySniffer it is also possible to discover upcoming collections. Through this overview, you can easily check on which blockchain the collection is located and when you can mint the NFT. The relevant social media channels are also listed, allowing you to quickly research an upcoming collection.


4. PlayToEarn.net

If you like gaming and want to earn money with it, PlayToEarn.net is for you! On these websites, you can find all blockchain games, where you can earn money playing. PlayToEarn provides an overview of all virtual worlds, NFTs, gaming tokens, airdrops, and games, so that you as a gamer can lose your egg here! If you like statistics, this website is ideal for you. In addition to the statistics per game, which are further elaborated below, you can also find the statistics of the entire NFT market. For example, you can discover that more games are built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) than on Ethereum (ETH).

In addition, this site keeps track of various project data. An example of this is the social score, which looks at the popularity of a game. This is measured through the number of followers and interaction with the community on social media. In addition to the social score, more data is shown. You can view all data clearly per game. What blockchain is the game built on? Where can you play via desktop, smartphone, or website? Is it free-to-play or do you need an NFT? What can you earn with play-to-earn, NFTs, or crypto? All these questions are dealt with per game. When you click on a game in the overview, you will be able to discover even more information!


5. NFTPlazas

If you want to stay fully informed about all the news about NFTs, NFTPlazas is the website for you. The website covers all news about NFTs, covering the subject in the broadest sense. You will find news about the metaverse, gaming, art, and music. There is also an education section, where you can learn about the unique tokens.

You can not only consult NFTPlazas via their website but the platform can also be found in various virtual blockchain worlds. In total, the platform has 99 locations, spread over 3 virtual worlds. This allows you to find NFTPlazas in various locations in Decentraland (MANA), Cryptovoxels, and Somnium Space!


6. NFTEvening

Like NFTPlazas, NFTEvening is a news site, where you can find all the news about NFTs. This website also deals with NFTs in the broadest sense. The difference with NFTPlazas is that you can also discover upcoming NFT collections at NFTEvening. Personally, I find NFTPlazas very useful, but NFTEvening gives a better overview. This website also makes every effort to be as informative as possible, so that they also have a special section explaining NFTs.

It is striking that both news sites mainly deal with the major parties in the field of the metaverse. For example, you can go there for news about The Sandbox (SAND) and Decentraland, but not for upcoming projects such as Ceek VR, Metahero, and Bloktopia. Both sites are very informative, entertaining, and current, which nowadays is also called edutainment.


7. NFTStats

Via NFT-stats.com you can (you don’t expect it..) view the statistics of NFTs. You can discover different statistics per collection. After two sites that display the statistics of NFTs, you would say that this is enough for a top 10, but NFTStats differs from the previously discussed websites. At a glance, you can see the number of sales and the floor price of the past 24 hours per collection.

When you click on a collection in the list, you get more information. You can immediately see all social media channels, but also all data from the past 7 days. Very useful if you want to discover which NFT collections are trending. You will quickly get a complete overview per collection. In addition to the mentioned data, on the same page you can see the following data:

  • Number of followers on Twitter
  • Number of followers on Discord
  • Amount of NFTs in the collection
  • Amount of owners
  • How many NFTs were sold in the last 7 days
  • Graph of the average price
  • Last sold NFTs

In addition, you can also view the rarity score per NFT for many collections on the website. Via the NFT Rarity Explorer, you can find the collections where the rarity has been assessed. Here you can search per characteristic, but the rarity of all characteristics is also assessed together. 



Within the top 10 this site is the newest, but in my opinion also the most useful! Through NFTHud you can use very detailed tools, which can be useful for trading NFTs. For example, there is a Deal Sniper feature, where the site lists good deals based on rarity. You can even turn on alerts for this so that you are immediately informed when a great deal is available.

In addition, you can view all major collections and find a lot of information about them, where you can check and uncheck data you would like to see. This website also has an NFT calendar, where you can view future collections. As with the Deal Sniper, you can set an alert for upcoming projects so you don’t miss an opportunity! In the large NFT forest, it is understandable that you can no longer see the trees. That is why NFTHud has an option to create your own watchlist so that you have a better overview.

As one of the few sites, NFTHud has a roadmap that contains very interesting plans. For example, there will be a browser extension, which can come in handy on NFT marketplaces, for example. There will also be an NFT portfolio tracker, where you can easily track your portfolio. There will also be a feature called Whale Watch. This feature makes it possible to see what NFT whales are buying and selling. You will also be able to activate alerts for this function.


9. PlayToEarn.online

The second PlayToEarn website cannot be compared with the .net version that appeared earlier in the list. PlayToEarn.online is a news website, but with different news than the previously covered news sites. On this site you can also find news about the smaller projects, making this a nice addition to the other sites. 

The nice thing about this website is that you can earn crypto with it. There is a weekly quiz available where you can earn PLAY tokens. For example, with this token, you can buy NFTs and you can also swap the token to another token via Uniswap (UNI). PLAY is an ERC-20 token, the maximum amount of which is 10,000,000 PLAY.


10. CoinMarketCap

Many crypto traders use CoinMarketCap, but this platform is also suitable for monitoring NFT collections. In the NFT section, you can view collections and discover upcoming collections. A downside of this platform is that you can only view collections on the Solana blockchain. However, if you would like to keep an eye on the Solana collections, this site is very suitable. On the site, you can find all information about collections, from floor price to the number of owners. Furthermore, the site is useful to view the number of sales per 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, or since launch.

The upcoming NFT collections are also detailed. This way you can find all social media channels at a glance, but also the mint price and the total amount of NFTs of the collection. In addition, you can also view the prices of NFT coins and learn more about NFTs thanks to educational blogs. CoinMarketCap is a very well-arranged platform, where you can find all important information very quickly.



Most people will know NFTs from the expensive collections such as CyperPunks or Bored Ape Yacht Club, but also from the expensive pieces of virtual estate such as Decentraland. However, the world of NFTs goes much further than that and that development will not be slowed down in the future. For example, there is already talk about event tickets or plane tickets as NFTs. Besides the 10 sites, NFT HotShot remains a platform with a lot of information about NFTs. From technical blogs to educational variants and entertaining stories.

With the 10 sites that I have highlighted for you, you can go in all directions. From news to rarity scores, games, and upcoming collections. The purpose of this article is to find the right resources for you as a reader, so I hope it worked. Although it is difficult to choose the best site because the topics differ, NFTHud.io seems the most useful to me. Because NFT gaming is also very emerging and is seen by many people as the way to increase blockchain adoption, PlayToEarn.net can also be a very useful site!

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