International MultiModal Logistics Application

Decentralized online service of multimodal transportation

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IMMLA concept

We are developing a multimodal deliveries service with decentralized control system of transportation, document flow and payments. IMMLA ecosystem employs:
— Dutch auction of carriers to offer the best possible prices.
— Monitoring of cargo damage during transit and time of delivery, GPS-cargo monitoring and insurance to make delivery safe and transparent.

The trust-sensitive parts of IMMLA service are based on smart contracts working on Ethereum blockchain. It is designed to reduce or even eliminate the risk of unfair business practices and/or non-performance of the delivery contract.

We are positive that the spread of high-speed Internet on the transport routes, and the use of blockchain technology have reached the optimum level for IMMLA to be successfully launched.

IMMLA operation

Cargo Owner

  • Registration.
    User Identification.

Freight Carrier

  • Registration. Introduction of cargo conditions into the system.



Price Offer. Sign Contract


Online Tracking

Checking Documents. Clearing-off.

Confirming Documents


Confidence and reliability

The decentralized system guarantees the payment to the carrier regardless of IMMLA’s financial condition, the same way it guarantees the delivery or insurance payment to the cargo owner.

The terms of shipment, the current position of the cargo, its condition at the time of transfer of responsibility between carriers are recorded through the blockchain, and can not be altered by any of the parties.

IMMLA saves your money

The Dutch auction of carriers optimizes transportation costs.

Use of IMMLA will reduce the number
of idle trips.

A cargo owner with high rating within the system gets credit and saves its current assets.


User-friendly mobile and desktop interface.
Fully automated transportation and workflow, no need for third-party services; delivery options at your disposal; the service tracks the cargo online, so you always know where it is geographically.

With an end-to-end electronic bill of lading, all the practices are able to see the full transportation history.

Use cases

For the cargo carrier

Transport services

Carrier informs IMMLA about the location of an unloaded vehicle and its designated use. The service puts the vehicle in the transportation syste design, and offers to bid at a tender for a transportation contract.

Guaranteed payment and immediate
document flow

The carrier successfully completes the freight transportation and transfers it to the cargo owner or to the next carrier. The consignee makes an electronic mark, accepting the responsibility for a cargo. Once a mark is received, the smart contract makes the payment to the cargo carrier. Smart contract also provides documents with electronic digital signature of cargo owner.

For the consignor, cargo owner, forwarder

Transportation cost estimate

Using the web interface the customer requests the calculation of the transportation. Based on big data analysis the service calculates an instant estimate of the cost and time of transportation in several options. If the route has a competitive section, in a few hours after the price auction, the customer gets an updated price.

Safe transportation

As soon as the customer chooses and confirms the transportation contract, Immla launches a smart contract with all the participants of the transportation, and the insurance company. The customer’s digital money comes directly to the smart contract that manages the transportation. The smart contract gives instructions to all the participants, and proceeds with controlling the transportation.

Cargo monitoring

The gps tracking data and cargo’s technical condition within the smart contract are visualised by IMMLA service interface.


  • 2016-2Q2017
    • • Team building and prototype development
    • • White Paper is completed
    • • Establishing agreements with potential freighters
  • 3Q 2017
    ICO Period
    • • Development of smart contract scheme
    • • Start of an ICO
    • • Prototype of the platform is ready
    • • Beginning of alpha testing
  • 4Q 2017
    • • Development of infrastructure and involvement of participants
    • • Organization and equipment of workplaces
    • • Until the end of 2017 the first blocks (IMMLA Autotruck and Sea) of the system are developed:
    • - Registration module;
    • - Module of applications and auctions
  • 1Q 2018 Release
    Sales start
    • • Release of the beta version of the platform
    • • Until the end of 1Q2018 the next blocks (IMMLA Autotruck and Sea) of the system are developed:
    • - Module of guarantees and additional services;
    • - Tracking module
  • 2Q 2018
    • • By the beginning of 3Q2018 the last blocks (IMMLA Autotruck and Sea) of the system are developed:
    • - Electronic Documentation Module
    • - Compliance module
    • - Billing module
  • 3-4Q 2018
    • • Marketing campaign & Involvement of market participants on the platform
  • 2019
    • The company plans to expand the range of provided services and introduce the sea container transportations. The service will be available in all the CIS countries
  • 2020
    • IMMLA will connect the railway module. The latter is associated with a full-fledged transition of the application to the international level, customer support services will open on the newly formed key logistic clusters.
  • 2021
    • Europe, the CIS and China markets will be fully covered.
  • 2022
    • By 2022 IMMLA will expand in Asia.
  • 2023
    • By 2023 the platform will be used globally.


Kirill Tulenev

Executive director

Executive director

Kirill within ten years worked in sphere of the international agency service of navigable lines (container transportations), starting as an оperative specialist of representative office at K-Line/Kess (Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Japan) to the managing director of UASC (United Arab Shipping Company, U.A.E.) in Russia.

Before becoming a part of the IMMLA team, Kirill headed division of Rosstandart, being responsible for standardization of the navigation sphere .

The graduate of ITMO University in Saint Petersburg on specialties «Economy» and «Management of the Organizations».

Now the applicant of PhD at the Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping.

Kirill coordinates actions of all IMMLA divisions and performance of the tasks facing team in the terms established by the business plan. Kirill leads meetings of expert groups and the board of directors of the company.

Viacheslav Neunyvakin

IT-director, co-founder

IT-director, co-founder

The author and the developer of system of automation of transport and logistic and customs activity Logismart ™, established more than on 2000 workplaces of 60 industry enterprises.

Since 2007 Vyacheslav directs the Software of Business Solution company developing and servicing the high-loaded databases (including customs) with the WEB INTERFACE, and also more 20th terabyte is an application developer for fast search in unstructured archives volume. «Software of Business solution» is industry leader of sales of 2015 and 2016.

In the project Vyacheslav heads the block of development and coordinates activity of the group of programming consisting of specialists of all IT companies participating in IMMLA.

Vitaliy Sosnovskiy

Senior Developer

Senior Developer

Specialist on cataloguing of big information arrays. Author of the application of processing and recognition documentary scan copies.

Graduated with distinction from Faculty of computer technologies and management of ITMO. Since 2007 Vitaly is cofounder «Software of Business solutions».

In the project Vitaly is responsible for development of the transport-forwarding module and interface to the periphery.

Vitaliy Stepanov

Development director

Development director

More than 15 years of experience , from them 6 years – on executive positions in the customs and logistic companies and IT.

The highest legal education.

Additional education:
— 2013: course «Chief executive» by Russian School of Management
— 2015: The professional Certificate in management (Management of the organization and personnel, Management of marketing and finance, Integration in management) by the International

Institute of Management Link and business school of Open university of Great Britain

Mikhail Astakhov



For more than ten years Mikhail is engaged in the international logistics. He was executive vice-president for strategy and staff in the international transport holding Global Transport Investments, where his team developed and implemented staff management system, having increased productivity by 65%, and also carried out the restructuring of the Russian branch of The company. Then Mikhail became a partner and was responsible for the development of the Aistlog group.

Since 2016 Mikhail is concentrated on the creation and start up of the IMMLA. He carries out the selection of the main participants of the consortium, also he is responsible for the interaction of the command managers, the strategy of the project development in the five-year horizon and implementation of professional expertise.

Ninel Tufino-Gerlakas

Leading analyst

Leading analyst

Qualified professional with over 6 years of experience in Business process engineering and business planning. Worked in companies of industrial and energy sectors. Achievements: Carried out a restructuring of business processes of three enterprises (Inset, Fuelec, ER), significantly increased their profitability. While the key indicators of their financial plan deviated from the fact no more than 7%.

Ninel is responsible for financial modeling and business analitic of IMMLA.

Higher graduate in finance of FINEC

Valeria Rasulova

ICO Project manager

ICO Project manager

Valeria has built a career in the investment-banking sector (Top Trader, Smart broker, etc). Where she has got expierence in a corporate finance project management. She independently conducted projects of private and public placement of bonds for construction and industrial companies.

She has perfect skills of PMBOK, Agile, ability of team&process building and going forward breaking the walls.

In IMMLA she manages the pre-ICO and ICO projects.

Pavel Drobintsev

Technical Advisor
PhD in Technical Science

Technical Advisor
PhD in Technical Science

Pavel has more than 15 years of experience in the field of programming. 9 years from them I worked in JSC Motorola, starting as the trainee to the high quality engineer. Then selected scientific operation within department of the Information and Controlling Systems of Institute of Computer Sciences and Technologies, the St. Petersburg Polytechnical University. Has experience in following areas:
— verification of the software on the basis of use of the formal methods
— object oriented programming and design
— web programming
— configuration management of a software
— test automation
— carrying out scientific research and implementation activities in different development areas of a software

PhD in Technical Science, author of over 100 publications including 4 publications in Scopus.

Alexander Gromov

Logistic advisor

Logistic advisor

Director of Business Process Management, Hellmann East Europe.

Alexander started his career at Hellmann in 2010 and currently builds, introduces, optimizes and controls Hellmann’s business processes in Russia and CIS countries, and heads the Information Technology Department.

Graduate of the Moscow Financial-Industrial Academy of the Faculty Information Systems and Technologies, specializing in the protection of information data. Currently is MBA program participant.

Responsible for logistic expertise in IMMLA.

Michael Hess

Logistic advisor

Logistic advisor

Michael has profound experience in international logistics for over 15 years. He started his career at logistic sector in 2001, implementing Supply Net Solution to Schenker Germany AG and leading other automotative logistics projects in Thailand, China and Switzerland. Now works as Member of the Board Hellmann East Europe, branch of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics.

Michael studied industrial engineering and business economics at the University of Rostock, diploma thesis “Innovative Logistics Solutions and marketing possibilities – demonstrated by the Schenker product Supply Net Solution (SNS)”.

Responsibility in IMMLA is international logistic expertise and implementation consulting.

Denis Smirnov

Blockchain advisor

Blockchain advisor

Denis has over eight years of experience in mobile app development, UX/UI design, and digital marketing.

While heading the department of new media in Sanoma Russia, he was actively engaged in research and promotion of the solutions which are changing the face of publishing industry now.

Being passionate about disruptive technologies he was very excited by the blockchain and crypto-currencies, so now he devotes all his time to the development of the crypto-community in Russia.

Formag Forwarding

Logistic Advisor/Partner

Logistic Advisor/Partner

Formag is Russian branch of the international group Global Transport Investments (GTI), forwarding leader within the territory of the Eastern Europe and Black Sea basin countries. GTI has been successfully operating with transport services market since 1992.

The company provides liner agency services; port agency and chartering brokerage services to container, Ro-Ro, bulkers, general cargo, cruise and navy vessels; and freight forwarding and multimodal shipments, including ocean freight and airfreight, as well as landside services.

Company’s role is to provide pioneer users from its client base in Russia for testing the application. /

The team lists 5 experts in blockchain, p2p networks, skilled in Java, С++, С#, PHP, node.js, Solidity Haskell, Idris, Rust

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