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How To Make Money With The SandBox? 

How do you make money in metaverse The Sandbox? Some people want to get rich while sleeping with crypto. In 2022 it is also possible to become rich while playing. The Sandbox, among others, offers these possibilities. 

Blockchain games differ from the earlier online games because of the play-to-earn principle. With your game, you contribute to the development of a game and you are rewarded for this. You can make a profit by battling other NFT fighters, joining a quest, or farming tokens on your farm. So it is possible that people generate income by playing games like Axies Infinity or Splinterlands.

By 2022, The Sandbox will be one of the oldest and largest game and metaverse platforms on the blockchain. The major rollout of the platform started in 2021, resulting in a huge increase in the number of users, value, and market capacity for The Sandbox.

So there are already all kinds of opportunities to earn money within The Sandbox. In this article, we take a closer look at this and we look at how you can generate income in metaverse The Sandbox while playing, creating or passively, so almost dormant.

What is The Sandbox?

We start with a small tour through the metaverse The Sandbox, before delving deeper into financial matters. The Sandbox is a virtual universe built on blockchain. It is also an open-source. This means that it is accessible to everyone and that everyone can also add things themselves. The Sandbox is built on the Ethereum ecosystem, which is also the oldest and best-known type of smart contract platform in the crypto world.

Here is a quick 5-minute video explaining what The Sandbox actually is:


The characteristic of the Sandbox is that everything and everyone is made up of voxels. These are blocks that give you three-dimensional figures that are angular as if they were made of Lego. The Sandbox is further divided into pieces of land. These lands all have their own NFTs, non-fungible tokens, which establish ownership of the land. As a landowner, you can do all kinds of things with the land, for example, build a game on it.

What else is there to experience in The Sandbox? We walk step by step through the different parts or areas of The Sandbox:

Games – In The Sandbox, you can play and develop all kinds of games. Because in addition to a game environment, there is also the Game Maker, a development environment where you can make games. The possibilities with games are still being rolled out in early 2022. The nice thing is that anyone can make games, even if you have no technical knowledge. In this, the Sandbox environment resembles Minecraft or Roblox. Major partners from the entertainment industry also use this on The Sandbox. For example, a game and metaverse of the TV series The Walking Dead has also been developed in the Sandbox:

Marketplace – The Sandbox has its own marketplace where all assets that exist on The Sandbox can be traded. These can be, for example, weapons that you can use in a game or land. 

Development space: Here you can develop your own metaverse with the possibilities that The Sandbox offers. The development space consists of three parts for creating three different possibilities within The Sandbox:

  • Game Maker – This development space has already been discussed in the piece about gaming. Here you can develop your own games.
  • VoxEdit – In VoxEdit you can create your own NFTs, which are made up of voxels. These can be, for example, houses, tools, or weapons. You can use these yourself, but you can also trade them.
  • Avatar – Here you can create an avatar that represents you in the world of The Sandbox.

Token SAND – The Sandbox also has a token SAND. With this, you can pay within The Sandbox for, for example, access to NFT cards for a concert. You can also use this to buy assets or land. Many rewards in a game are also given in SAND. SAND is an ERC21 token on Ethereum (ETH). The token is available on many major exchanges such as Binance, Gate.io, Upbit, OKex, and Kraken. SAND has a total supply of 920 million tokens.

Team and founders – At the beginning of 2022, The Sandbox’s team will consist of 28 people. The Sandbox was founded by Arthur Madrid, who is also now CEO, and Sébastien Borget who is the COO. The company was founded in 2011, making it one of the first metaverse built on blockchain. The team and the founders have largely managed and rolled out the platform until now, 2022. The plan is that within 5 years of the platform’s launch (2021), it will be fully controlled by the DAO. Participation in the development and governance of the platform is obtained through token staking

2021 was certainly a good year for The Sandbox, partly due to the interesting collaborations that the platform entered into with various parties. From rap legend, Snoop Dogg throwing a party at The Sandbox, to the smurfs and care bears settling into The Sandbox’s metaverse.

How can you make money in The Sandbox?

In The Sandbox, you can not only enjoy yourself, but your crypto wallet can also be very happy. Because no matter how colorful and playful the world of The Sandbox may look, the foundation is an economic system that is developing into a fully-fledged form. And the limits of this have not yet been reached. Below you will find the different ways to earn money in The Sandbox:

Play to earn games

The time when you had to pay money to play a game seems to be a thing of the past with projects like The Sandbox. Because you can now earn money by playing in The Sandbox. Earning money in blockchain games becomes possible because you can often earn tokens by playing games. These tokens have a real monetary value. In addition, the assets in games are built on NFTsand with this the assets in games become yours if you win or buy them. This is a big difference from games you played online before the blockchain era. Within the limits of the game, there is, for example, a skin or an armor of yours after payment. But you cannot use these assets outside the game or sell them to someone else. This is possible with NFT assets.

The games on The Sandbox are still in development in early 2022. The first season of Alpha has just been completed. There were daily challenges with which you could earn NFTs and SAND. The first Alpha season was also a real tryout. This game environment is currently still under development and that actually makes it fun to participate in these games. Because your feedback and ideas are valued and included. The first season was a huge success with more than 200,000 visitors over a period of 30 days. 

To access the games you need to connect a wallet that accepts Ethereum. Metamask is the most commonly used option for this. Furthermore, it will differ per game whether you can participate for free or whether you need an NFT access card or NFT avatar. Every developer of a game is free to do so. To keep an eye on which games are launched, it’s useful to join the Discord group or follow The Sandbox on Twitter

Game development

Developing your own game within The Sandbox is also an opportunity to earn money. The Sandbox offers the tools and development space for this for free. However, you must have land to place your game on. This is not free, but you do not need to own this land, you can also rent land for this.

To start developing your game you need to download the software. Your computer must be of a certain caliber to run the programs. The Game Maker is put together in such a way that you don’t use the coding to build the games. But you immediately see what the end result looks like. The Game Maker is especially suitable for making Role Playing Games, open-world and adventure games. Making other types of games on The Sandbox is of course possible and the possibilities for this are also being expanded further.

What can you find at Gamemaker?

  • A UX library
  • Camera templates
  • Avatar control systems
  • Enemies & fight systems
  • Components
  • Settings for behavior, the behavior of a character in the game.
  • Settings for game rules

The profit for a game developer

How exactly can you earn money by developing a game? In the early gaming industry, you marketed a game and people bought the game: see your profit model there. The big disadvantage of this system is that you also had to develop a game all by yourself. For example, you can’t just use the development tools of Roblox or Minecraft.

But perhaps the main drawback of these old game industry development models is that they get in the way of a large range of your game in this way. Success and profits of a game stand or fall with the community of gamers who play the game. You still have to achieve that before you can sell a game. With the blockchain games, it works the other way around, a community carries a game. And so many more people are a winner. Because the gamers are rewarded for their involvement in the game. So as the creator of the game you don’t just win, you actually share with the community.

As a creator, you can earn from development in different ways. Often a team has a share in the profit because they keep a certain percentage of the NFTs or assets from a game itself. You can sell these or also generate income with them within the game. For example, by renting out these NFTs. Below is a bird’s eye view of how Game Maker works:

How to make money with The Sandbox Land 

Ownership in The Sandbox can be a great source of income. Because on your land you can develop all kinds of things that generate money, for example, a game. But you can also rent out the land for others who want to develop projects there. The sale and launch of the pieces of land in The Sandbox have already taken place. So land is only available through the secondary marketplaces and the prices for this are not small. Prices of 5 to 10 ETH (at least 16,000 USD) are on average. With your pieces of land, you can also form a district with someone else and thus share and combine sources of income. 

It is possible that more tracts of land will be sold in a launch later on. Megacity was the last project launched at the beginning of 2022:

Create your own assets with VoxEdit and earn money.

In addition to games, you can also make your own NFTs or assets that you can sell. VoxEdit is the program you can use for this. Like the Game Maker, you work in the final environment and you don’t need any coding knowledge to create in VoxEdit. The VoxEdit has the following features:

  • Modeler – This is the interface that is easy for both novice and experienced developers to work with.
  • Animator – With the so-called Skeleton System you build a figure from the skeleton. 
  • NFT Maker – You can convert your figures or assets into tradable NFTs on the NFT marketplace. You can keep 95% of the proceeds from the sale of an asset, the marketplace receives a percentage of the sale. This will go to The Sandbox’s fund from which new projects can be financed. 

In the video below you can see how VoxEdit works:


Trading NFTs

You can of course also trade NFTs and assets and make a profit with this. The Sandbox has its own marketplace where you can buy or sell NFTs as a creator. Through OpenSea you can buy assets from other owners and traders. 


If you’re not into games or creabea with voxels, The Sandbox also offers the “old-fashioned way” to generate passive income: strike. For an ecosystem, especially under construction, it is important that liquidity and stability are guaranteed through strike action. To this end, The Sandbox has set up its own liquidity-providing program that strike enables both Ethereum and Polygon. On decentralized exchange UniSwap, you can contribute the SAND/ETH pair to liquidity pools. As proof of your input, you will get LP tokens, liquidity-providing tokens. You can stake these at The Sandbox. As a reward, you get tokens and sometimes NFTs after a certain period of time.

In addition, on the DEX Polygon, you can insert the pair SAND/Math into a pool, just like you can on UniSwap. A third option to strike is under development. This is with the LP tokens of the pair SAND/LAND. The staking of LP tokens is done and you can also arrange it via your account and via the staking dashboard on The Sandbox. 


As you have already read, you can earn money in different ways at metaverse and game platform The Sandbox. You can play games, make your own or create and/or trade NFTs. Furthermore, you can also earn money by trading NFTs or generate passive income by staking. Owning land in particular is an important option in The Sandbox to earn money.

This project is also still under development and therefore offers great opportunities and prospects. People are increasingly discovering the possibilities of what is possible with metaverse. This makes a metaverse on the blockchain such as The Sandbox very interesting for gamers, developers, and investors.

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