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NFTb The Multi-chain Platform That Connects NFTs With DeFi

Many people have been able to benefit financially from the latest trends in NFTs in 2021. Young people became millionaires in record time thanks to their digital art. But a lot more has happened recently. Facebook’s parent company made it very clear that it will actively participate in the development of the Metaverse.

In addition, there is more and more opposition in the form of regulation, which makes crypto and also DeFi increasingly popular. Think of the play-to-earn development where gamers can earn crypto by playing their popular game.

These individual platforms continue to develop, but what do you get when you bring all these parts together in one platform? Discover in this article all about NFTb, the multi-chain NFT platform where you manage your digital properties, can stake, yield farming, and much more! This is where the world of NFTs connects to the world of DeFi.

What is NFTb?

While critics thought that NFTs were just hype, we see more and more applications where NFTs take a dominant position in blockchain technology. In addition to selling these gadgets or digital art, we see more and more applications. Think of the development of the metaverse in which in-game applications consist of NFTs, but also the new principle of wear-to-earn. Everything in the Metaverse consists of NFTs, which makes us curious about where we can buy these digital gadgets most cheaply.

Fortunately, more and more people are finding their way to NFTs, both as a trader and a creator. These are sold on platforms such as OpenSea. The problem? The sky-high gas fees of Ethereum that we keep running into. There is an increasing need for an alternative to making the NFT market more accessible.

NFTb is a multi-chain platform, launched in May 2021, that connects the world of NFT with DeFi. The platform supports the best of both worlds. NFTb strongly believes that the platform should be built based on their interests. We can safely say the best of all the latest developments in crypto.

Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Binance decided to expand into the world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) as well. This is how the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) was born, which serves as an alternative to bypass the sky-high gas fees.  NFTb is an NFT marketplace built on the Binance Smart Chain, which combines speed with affordability. The latter refers directly to the excessively high gas fees that cause both creators and traders to consciously stay away from the world of NFT. All trading fees are paid with BNB, the native token of the Binance Smart Chain. Thanks to NFTb, everyone can now participate in an affordable way, but there is more!

NFTb Market

NFTb has its own digital marketplace where everyone can offer their digital art. An NFT marketplace is no longer a revolutionary fact, as there are more and more platforms where you can buy and sell digital art. But often exist on the Ethereum network. Trading is associated with far too high transaction costs. One of the objectives of NFTb is precisely to reduce these transaction costs so that everyone has access to the world of NFTs. The operation is the same as other NFT platforms with the main difference in transaction costs. All NFTs are paid using the Binance Coin (BNB).

NFTb Earn

What could be better than taking extra returns on your current portfolio? In the world of DeFi, there are plenty of opportunities to maximize your return. Think of so-called vaults and also farms. The platform has its own native token $NFTB that you can stake in different vaults. For example, there is a difference in time that gives you a different APY.

At the time of writing, you can’t start farming on the platform yet, but the team is working hard to realize this. At the time of writing, the vaults already have a Total Locked Value (TLV) of nearly $20 million. When you can farm on the platform, this amount can increase exponentially.

NFTb Launchpad

NFTb has created its own launchpad to help projects and creators launch their digital art, among other things, in a fair, accessible, and above all affordable way. The difference with other platforms is that your NFTb can also launch games and trading cards. Here it makes the connection with the DeFi-Gaming. Developers can use the platform to develop their dApps and then launch them so that users can directly game, earn NFTB tokens, and even staking/farming them. All this is on one platform.

NFTb Gaming

By now we all know the play-to-earn principle where we earn crypto while we just play. While we thought this was too good to be true, we now know that this can be a lucrative business. Many games use different types of NFTs that can help the user to complete a level faster, for example, or get more rewards during the game.

NFTs are therefore increasingly integrated into games. NFTb Gaming will be launched in early 2022. An NFT marketplace specifically aimed at gamers to trade their NFTs here for use in various games. The advantage of this multi-chain character is, in addition to a cross-chain marketplace, also cross-game liquidity for gamers and a much larger community.

NFTb Stars

The ideology of crypto and blockchain is decentralization and, as a result, avoiding large intermediaries that have an unnecessary amount of influence. If we look at the music industry, with the coming digitization and the use of the internet, the revenue model of musicians has completely changed. We used to buy CDs en masse, a large part of which went directly to the musician. Today we stream en masse via platforms such as Spotify and Youtube, whereby the platform earns unnecessarily much at the expense of the musician. This must change, and so does NFTb.

Currently, influencers and artists depend on the platform on which they are active. For example, look at influencers with millions of reach on Instagram. If Instagram decides to deactivate or delete its account, it will lose its source of income and lose its fans and community.  NFTb Stars is the part of NFTb where artists and influencers have a new way, in the world of DeFi, to connect with their fans and their community. In this way, they can once again monetize their work and create their own economy.

Why NFTb?

Of course, we all want to use the best platform. That is why NFTb has made a comparison itself in which they compete with, among others, Rarible, Opensea, and Nifty Gateway. Here they naturally respond favorably to the extremely low-cost price, but also to aspects such as the Binance NFT integration and the launch integration.

NFTb Labs

NFTb itself invests in extraordinary projects that build its own NFT collection. Through this collaboration, they want to increase the ecosystem to stimulate growth thanks to this multi-chain network. Thanks to their NFTb launch, they can reach a large audience, which benefits the young and ambitious new project. In addition, they also integrate the NFTB token, which stimulates its use and functionality.


In total, 1 billion NFTB tokens are available. These are subdivided with the community getting 20.5%. These are the people who contribute to the platform. The team, on the other hand, only gets 12% with a one-year lockup period. After this period, only 25% will be released every three months.

We see that the token is released gradually and the team only gets 12%, which puts the community and the users of the platform at the center.


The token is the engine behind the platform. You can of course buy this via various exchanges such as KuCoin and PancakeSwap, but you can also earn it when you participate in staking and liquidity mining. The token gives you a discount on gas fees but is also used as a means of payment when buying and selling NFTs, among other things.

With the staking of the native token $NFTB, you can get exclusive access to INOs, and Initial NFT Launches, which are held on the launchpad of NFTb Launch.

Token burn

To regulate the supply and price, NFTB tokens are burned every month. The fewer tokens in circulation, the more favorable this is for the price of $NFTB. As many as 1.3 million tokens are burned every month.

Binance Accelerator Fund

The Binance Accelerator Fund wants to further expand DeFi by supporting the development of this blockchain technology. Binance has made no less than 100 million available for this to take the Binance Smart Chain infrastructure to the next level. Promising projects can apply to get in touch with these financial funds. NFTb receives financial support thanks to this fund and can therefore take the platform to the next level to connect the world of NFT with the possibilities that DeFi has to offer.

NFTb and Binance NFT have therefore entered into a partnership to increase global liquidity in this way as well. The lack of sufficient liquidity is detrimental to the further growth of both NFTs and the growth of the Binance Smart Chain. The NFTs are therefore offered on both platforms, which also ensures greater reach and engagement. You can also trade NFTs in this way on both the BSC and on the platform of NFTs.


A protocol or platform usually has one roadmap for further development. Due to the different aspects such as gaming, music, and NFTs, NFTb has different individual roadmaps. Nevertheless, we discuss the main parts of their roadmap here:


The launch only happened in May 2021, but during these months the platform has achieved a lot. In addition to the private token sale and the launch of the native token $NFTB, an integration with Trust Wallet also became possible very quickly. Here are a few other achievements:

  • Initial NFT Offering (INO)
  • staking
  • NFTb Labs
  • NFT collections
  • Integration global Binance NFT marketplace


The future looks very bright when we look at the roadmap. NFTb wants to become an all-in-one platform and is doing everything it can to make it happen. Here are a few important projects on their roadmap to achieve this:

  • NFTB Stars
  • NFTB Swap
  • NFTb launch on Polygon
  • NFTb Gaming platform
  • NFT Bridges
  • Fiat payment integration

Based on the above, we see that they are very ambitious. Currently, there is a need for interoperability and traders often use bridges to transfer their crypto from one blockchain to another. NFTb, therefore, wants to launch a built-in NFT bridge where you can store your unique NFT on a blockchain of your choice. This is a major development in the world of NFT and DeFi.

In addition, for novice traders, there is also the unnecessary complexity of converting currency to crypto and sending it to your TrustWallet or MetaMask in order to start trading NFTs. NFTb wants a fiat payment integration in 2022 where users can buy their NFTs directly on the platform, whether or not via the $NFTB token.


The development of both NFTs and DeFi is moving at breakneck speed. Trading platforms such as OpenSea receives millions of visitors every month and NFTs are sold again and again at record prices. But there is a need for interoperability to connect all these different aspects in order to appeal to a larger audience in a user-friendly way.

NFTs are here to stay and come in all shapes and sizes. Think of digital art, in-game applications, or simply expensive, digital branded clothing to impress your virtual fellow human beings in the Metaverse. But due to the high transaction costs, many people still stay away, while it is the future. NFTb wants to merge all these individual aspects into one platform that increases the possibilities exponentially through multi-chain.

Artists and makers can regulate their own economy again by selling their digital assets. NFTb wants every maker to regain digital ownership of his/her work and then, thanks to DeFi, to increase their community and connect the entire ecosystem. Both content creators find their way to NFTb, but also investors who are looking for a passive income can visit the platform via the vaults. NFTb is an all-in-one multi-chain platform that meets the needs of all investors!

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