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What Are NFT Airdrops? The Complete Guide!

To promote new NFT projects, the owners often give out free tokens and rewards. These free rewards are also known as NFT Airdrops.

By depositing free tokens in the wallet of participants in a project, these airdrops will create recognition for new ones to mint NFTs. 

NFT Airdrops improve and enhance the visibility and acceptance of a project by the community.

In addition, airdrops encourage new people to participate in the project, which is beneficial in the long run. 

So you can say that NFT airdrops provide a win-win situation.

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Did you know that half of all CryptoPunks in 2016 were distributed as free NFT airdrops? Today, the CryptoPunks are sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars and often for millions. 

It’s too late to get your hands on free CryptoPunks now, but make sure you don’t miss the current NFT Airdrops!

NFT Airdrops are part of the marketing strategy behind an NFT set.

The better the marketing, the more members in the community. With a strong, close-knit community, the project will sell a lot better and hopefully sell out.  

How do you find NFT Airdrops?

If you want to stay informed about upcoming NFT Airdrops, following Twitter is a necessity. Twitter is pre-eminently the social media platform where NFT projects are communicated. 

Existing projects and their plans, as well as new sets, are discussed here.

To draw attention to a project, the team behind it will reach out to people via Twitter. 

If a project has many followers, it is able to attract the attention of influencers. 

They ensure that interest grows. Of course only if a project is also promising.

Next to Twitter is the discord of an NFT set or discords regarding NFTs in general, which are also an important medium. 

This is where you join the community of a set and stay informed about NFT Airdrops and giveaways.

Another social media network used in the marketing of NFT sets is Reddit. This is a website made up of a network of communities called subreddits. 

Reddit NFTS
Reddit NFTS

People can go here to place Posts in the form of photos, music, videos, gifs, and links. 

Other users can then respond to this. Reddit has about 450 million users worldwide.  

Sometimes a small consideration is expected to qualify for an AirDrop. 

That could include following a Twitter account, retweeting a post, and tagging the post to some of your Twitter friends.

Airdrops are therefore beneficial for the project in the first instance. For the recipients, the advantage will often only become apparent later. After all, this depends on the success of the project.

Although there is also the danger of scams in the offer of airdrops and many airdrops later turn out to be worth nothing, there are also opportunities. 

In the latter case, it may just be that your AirDrop has a lot of value and leads to huge profits. 

So it is certainly good to keep an eye on this.

Where can you find good NFT Airdrops?

In order not to fall for scams, it is good to know where to find legitimate NFT airdrops. Never just rely on the 1st best information you come across. 

The chance that you get tricked into a scam is present. 

That is why you should never just link your wallet to a website or something. And you certainly never pass on your key phrase to others! 

PRO TIP: After you have connected your wallet to a site to mint an NFT or claim an airdrop, DISCONNECT IT, and always setup a burner wallet, NEVER connect to any site using your main wallet, you can thank me later 😉

I have found a number of websites that specialize in airdrops and give-aways. 

They are widely regarded in the NFT space as reliable and safe considered.

The following 4 sites offer you the safest crypto airdrops: 

  • CoinMarketCap
  • Airdrops.io
  • Airdrop Alert
  • AirDropking.io

Different start-ups in the NFT space each use their own method to launch their project. 

Despite these differences, there are guidelines that the teams must comply with before they can launch an airdrop.

For example, users or recipients of the AirDrop must have a wallet in which they can receive the dropped tokens. 

The recipient must promote the start-up and join the project’s social media channels, follow them and share the project.

Most airdrops have a small box of participants and rewards. 

By doing your own research (DYOR!) and following the mentioned social media you can discover many attractive airdrops yourself. 

Especially the influencers in the NFT space regularly report this.

Some important influencers in the NFT space include Gary Vaynerchuk, Brett Malinowski, MevCollector, and DeeZe. 

By actively following the accounts of these influencers, you stay informed about the best NFT sets to invest in and you discover attractive airdrops and giveaways.

Pay close attention to the Twitter account of rapper SnoopDogg, CozomoDiMedici. 

With his NFT portfolio that is said to be worth more than 17 million dollars, he has become a well-known NFT influencer.

Different types of AirDrops

There are different types of Airdrops in the NFT and crypto space. They all actually have the same goal, namely the promotion of the NFT set or the new cryptocurrency. 

Below I give you a brief overview of the different types of AirDrops.

The Standard AirDrop

We speak of a standard airdrop when an amount of crypto is deposited into your wallet for which you have to provide a simple consideration. 

That could be sharing a social media post, participating in a whitelist, or leaving your email address to sign up for a newsletter.

They consist of a simple ‘assignment’ for which you are rewarded with the airdrop.

Usually, the standard airdrops are offered by lesser-known cryptocurrencies and starting NFT sets. 

It’s an easy way to get more exposure for the project.

Exclusive AirDrops

Exclusive Airdrops are offered to the so-called hodlers in an NFT set. 

Essentially, an exclusive AirDrop is a reward for your loyalty to a set. Usually, no other conditions are imposed than being and remaining loyal.

Compare exclusive airdrops with the IKEA Family card. 

By regularly shopping at this Swedish furniture giant, you will be offered various discounts. With this, a brand creates loyal consumers.

NFT AirDrops

An NFT AirDrop can be issued for different purposes. 

You can get an NFT airdrop because you hold a certain NFT in your wallet or because you participate in a giveaway. 

They are also awarded simply as a marketing strategy.

NFT AirDrops can prove to be immensely valuable. 

A good example of this is the Bored Ape Mutant Serum. 

These were awarded to Bored Ape Yacht Club holders and were known as Mutant Serum NFT.

Although these Mutant Serums were distributed for free, they soon turned out to be selling for more than 3 eth in the public sale. 

Of course, this does not apply to all NFT airdrops. Some turn out to be of no value and there are even scams!

If you ever come across an unknown NFT in your wallet that you can’t figure out where it comes from, be extremely careful! 

Hardfork AirDrops

Hardfork AirDrops appear when, for example, a new version of a blockchain project is released, making it necessary to link new tokens.

In most cases, the old set containing your tokens will remain. 

The new tokens are then often distributed to you in the same amount as you already had in your wallet in the old set.

You should of course always do your own thorough research into the projects behind it, I’m not giving you financial advice here! 


The increasing interest in cryptocurrency and the NFT space has led to more and more investments in NFT airdrops. 

The more people embrace the airdrop, the greater the interest will be after the project’s release. Hence, valuable rewards are awarded to airdrop participants. 

It is therefore very attractive for you and me to be eligible for these NFT AirDrops.

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