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How To Create NFT Art For Free

Many people have by now heard of the potential to turn a big profit with NFTs by buying and selling them.

They may also have heard about artists creating digital art and making millions of dollars from their creations.

Consequently, they might wonder if they can do the same. The good news is that it is possible to create NFT art free using Rarible.

Creating NFT Art for Free

Rarible is one of the biggest NFT marketplaces in the world. In October 2021, they announced that they would allow users of the platforms to create NFT art for free.

Here is how to do it:

Rarible announced that they had launched a tool that would let users create NFTs without any ETH.

That is a welcome move for many who might be interested in NFTs but are not sure if they wish to spend money on them.

By doing so, they hope to lower the entry barrier into the NFT space. This feature is open to everyone from any part of the world.

This new feature is also a great step in the sustainability of the platform.

According to Rarible it will reduce the number of “unnecessary transactions on Ethereum related to NFTs that don’t get purchased.”

How it Works

To create an NFT, users usually need to mint into the Ethereum blockchain right away. It means that users need to pay gas fees for the transaction to be recorded on Ethereum.

In some cases, that fee can be quite high.

Rarible introduced the Lazy Minting feature, which is also offered on OpenSea that ensures an NFT is minted at the moment of purchase and not the moment of creation.

The result is that it is a buyer who pays the gas fees when making the purchase. Until then, the NFT is listed on the marketplace just like other NFTs. All the while its data is securely stored on the IPFS decentralized storage.

Lazy minting only requires creators to sign the minting authorizations with their wallets.

It is free and it guarantees that users remain in control of their creations.

Steps To Create NFT Art For Free

  • Visit Rarible and connect your software wallet
  • Click “Create” and provide the requested information regarding the future NFT
  • Pick “Free minting”
  • Click “create item”
  • Sign free authorizations with your wallet

When a buyer buys the NFT, it will be minted to your wallet and moved to the new owner automatically.

If you opt to burn the lazy minted NFT, you will have to pay a gas fee, like regular NFTs.

Currently, this feature is offered via the default collection only. In the future, it will be applied to owned collections as well.


For those seeking to experiment with the NFT space, the free minting feature is a great place to start.

It allows users to gain insight into the NFT space without having to spend any funds to sell their first piece.

The result could be more people willing to enter the NFT space as awareness grows on how it works.

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