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0N1 Force NFT Project

Towards the end of August 2021, a new avatar project was taking the NFT market by storm.

At the time, it was posting the highest 24 hours sales volumes of all active projects on OpenSea.

The project is 0N1 Force.

About 0N1 Force

0N1 Force describes itself as “a collection of 7,777 generative side-profile characters with over 100 hand-down features fighting for their existence. Strength, Spirit, and Style are what you’ll need to survive in the Ethereal Enclave.”

Community – The Driving Force Of The Project’s Success

The biggest driver of success for the project was the community. While the community is often emphasized as an important aspect for the success of any NFT project, the 0N1 Force project took it to new heights.

The project incorporated feedback and ideas from onlookers and community members. Many of them commended the creator for using their feedback in the creation of the project.

The result was that they were motivated to hype 0N1 Force.

Many NFT projects are often backed by a community that is usually short-lived. It is one of the reasons why so many NFTs boom and then go burst within just 24 hours.

However, 0N1 Force creators understood that for a project to succeed, it needed to have a strong collector base, which is passionate and willing to support it long-term.

The 0N1 Force project understood the assignment.

A Great Story And Art

Besides the community, 0N1 Force also worked hard to create quality, detailed artwork, and incorporate a great story into it. A major reason why NFT enthusiasts will pick an NFT project is the artwork, and 0N1 Force did not disappoint.

There is a lot of creativity and detail to the characters. Another point worth noting is that the project went big when it came to diversity, similar to other successful projects like Meebits.

Their art included hearing aids, kimonos, bald heads, dreadlocks, and more. The result was a truly universal collection that appealed to everyone.

The story was also quite impressive. 0N1 Force is based on the Ethereal Enclave, which is a peaceful kingdom that grants eternal life.

However, the kingdom falls after the Emperor dies unexpectedly. With the death of the king, the 0N1 Force has only 7,777 hours to live and they must fight for survival.

To survive, the characters need strength, spirit, and style. This powerful narrative is something that resonated quite well with the NFT community.

The Three Clans Of 0N1 Forces

There are three clans in 0N1 Force, which are Y0K-A1, B4K3M0-N0, and 0N1. Members from each clan have different traits and varying levels of rarity.

1. Y0K-A1

YOK-A1 also called Ghost Spirit is the commonest clan and represents most of the citizens of the kingdom. There are 5,278 members, which is 68% of the total.

They come with varying accessories and outfits. Some of their traits are gasmask, cat ears, Obsidian Kitsune, and loop earrings.

2. B4K3M0-N0

B4K3M0-N0 also called the Monster Form, is the ranking class and features a combination of tech and fashion.

They are designed to be ferocious and there are 2,100 of them, representing 27% of the population.

3. 0N1

0N1, also called The Demon, is the rarest, with only 392 of them. They are the elites of the kingdom and they call the shots.

0N1 features a luxurious style that includes Suits, Hannya Masks, and more. Some of their rare traits are Canary, Haunted, Strawberry Pin, Gold Reflective Jacket, and Y0N1 Pin.

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