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NFT Real Estate Tokens For Minecraft

The world of cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is constantly growing and expanding.

It will likely continue to grow exponentially as more people are becoming aware of the potential it holds.

Every time NFT’s and play-to-earn games are featured in the news, more people become interested, and more people invest in this new digital age.

With property becoming more and more scarce in the physical world, people are beginning to turn to the seemingly untouched virtual world.

MyMetaverse Reveals News On The Play-To-Earn Release

At the beginning of 2021, MyMetaverse released news about NFT real estate tokens for Minecraft. This was exciting news for those interested in play-to-earn games.

A large part of the My Meta Minecraft play is experimental and faces a lot of trial and error. There are updates that get released that may or may not work well.

It’s still being developed, so there will continue to be updated and released.

Play-to-Earn Introduced To Minecraft

As of mid-2021, MyMetaverse released their play-to-earn system in the already popular Minecraft universe.

In order for players to earn Capital Coin, which is the in-game currency, they have to complete tasks that the Minecraft world would have already had the player do, such as battle and defeat monster hordes.

Buying NFT Land On Minecraft

Players can earn Capital Coin and then use that in-game currency to purchase an NFT land plot. On that land plot, players may create whatever they want to build in Minecraft.

There are several NFT Real Estate Marketplaces for you to find the best option for you.

Entrepreneurial Spirits

One way players can continue to earn is to build events or games on their land that will require Capital Coin as an entrance fee.

They may also build businesses where other players can spend their Capital Coin on NFTs. 


The currency on My Meta is based on Enjin, which is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Enjin helped the integration of NFTs into the Minecraft Metaverse.

NFTs can be bought and sold in Meta City for Capital Coin, the in-game currency. Enjin makes it easy for individuals or businesses to create, sell, and buy NFTs.

Enjin also allows users to store currency and items. 

What’s Next For Minecraft NFT’s?

This is a significant step in the world of NFT’s and earn-to-play because MyMetaverse took an already popular game and integrated NFT capabilities.

The ever-present question surrounding cryptocurrency and NFTs is “what’s next?” This step opens doors to other in-game crypto and NFT integrations.

MyMetaverse is working on other integrations as well, with one example being Roblox.

The CEO of MyMetaverse made a statement in regards to their NFTs, here’s a breakdown of what he said:

  •  “… Instead  of charging a significant amount of money (NFTs), we’re giving them away instead …”
  • “... instead of content anyone can view, these (NFTs) are unique to the buyer …”
  • “… we didn’t want to create static NFTs, (these NFTs), instead making them unique in that they change with the progress and experience of the owner …”

The gaming world is changing, the cryptocurrency world is expanding, and the virtual world is evolving.

A promise of an open marketplace with the decentralized exchange where you can take your tokens and currencies into other game worlds is coming.

This new and ever-evolving tech is changing the gaming world and making play-to-earn more attainable for common consumers.

It’s an exciting time in the metaverse.

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